History of Dave’s Taverna

In 1994, Dave’s Taverna (Originally Gus’ Taverna) opened on the corner of Water and Main Street in downtown Harrisonburg.  After revamping the menu, all of which still remains on the current menu, Dave’s quickly became a local favorite.

After the opening of Dave’s Taverna Express in 1997 and a restaurant expansion in 2002, the two restaurants finally merged into one restaurant in 2013, located at 810 Port Republic Road, our current location.

In addition to a larger indoor dining area, our Port Republic Road location features outdoor dining 8 months out of the year, with beautiful views of Harrisonburg and the surrounding mountains.

Dave’s is a family owned local restaurant.  We pride ourselves on house-made food, consistently good service and a one of a kind atmosphere and restaurant.  We have continued to be voted by locals over the years as a top restaurant in Harrisonburg.  We look forward to meeting you the next time you come in!


810 Port Republic Road

Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Wednesday: 11am-12am
Thursday-Sunday 11am-2am

(540) 801-8646

Dave's Taverna